Place/Nation Building

We align national/development planning with country branding using national identity to deliver country competitiveness and transformation.

“Place Nation branding is relevant because consumers and investors continue to rely heavily on country images in making economic decisions. Branding has become a central tool in country competitiveness, where having a bad reputation or none at all, seriously affects a country’s ability to compete. Thus, effective country branding can give a competitive advantage in world markets and open-up many opportunities for developing countries.” Philippe Mihailovich, 2006.

Promoting buying local is an important aspect of supporting the local economy. It helps to create jobs, boost the local economy, and promote the development of better public services and prosperity among the greater population.

We create platforms to promote Made-by-African brands through building their awareness as well as facilitating and providing market access for them. This enables our clients and partners to help build local manufacturing, support home-grown brands and create more wealth in many local communities.

Policy advice assists decision-makers make informed choices, maximize the effectiveness of policies and identify potential risks. The advice also promotes fairness and equity and encourages evidence-based decision-making.

Besides informing decision-making, our policy advice is designed to maximize effectiveness in achieving desired outcomes. We take into account various factors, such as economic, social, and environmental considerations to develop policy recommendations that are well-aligned with national and institutional goals.

Individuals, teams and stakeholders are more engaged if they know what their organizations are living for, what they’re responsible for, how they contribute, and if they’re working on the right things for the right reasons.

Our approach starts by creating space for all participants to contribute. By encouraging them to all take ownership for the strategy development and implementation process, we gain consensus and alignment across leadership and stakeholders for what the organization’s bold direction should be. We then identify a bold vision for the organization’s future and clarify what role teams or stakeholders play in achieving the big picture.

This area is arguably the most important ingredient for successful project delivery. However, it’s often regarded as a fringe activity or one that can be outsourced to business-as-usual functions. Project managers depend on people to respond to the outputs and benefits that they deliver. People will only respond if they are engaged.

We craft innovative stakeholder management plans for our clients. By making certain that key client stakeholders are involved from concept development, buy-in and implementation, we are able to ensure accurate adherence to intended strategy outcomes. We have seen that consistent and effective stakeholder engagement is often what separates the players from the winners.

A good reputation is priceless. Besides helping organizations to protect and grow their brands, it can establish an excellent place/ brand image, generate trust and credibility amongst their customers, stakeholders, and the public.

We design frameworks and processes for managing and monitoring the perception of our clients’ public. This involves an iterative process of researching, responding, and promoting. Our reputation management plans help improve and protect our clients’ corporate image for better public perceptions and engagement.

A country’s identity is its soul. It is the ultimate source of national competitiveness.Our team of seasoned strategists combine high level experience to help place/ nation brands traverse the complex world of delivering place/ national development goals using nation branding.

We designed and utilized the Competitiveness & Transformation Planner™ (CTP) model. The CTP is an identity-based approach to build globally competitive African economies, businesses, and brands in ways that deliver socio-economic transformation in local communities.


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