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What sets us apart

Economic Development Expertise

We only work with clients and on projects that have an economic development mandate or objective. This has embedded our mastery as leading edge experts in this area.

Nation/Place Branding Expertise

Place/ Nation Branding is one of our focus areas and our biggest Unique Selling Propositions (USP). As a field, it is relatively new and nuanced. It therefore, requires a high level of hands-on experience to help place/ nation branding entities to traverse the complex world of managing the perceptions of global investors, traders, tourists, event owners, etc. We have in-depth experience positioning some African nation brands including South Africa, Botswana, Lesotho and Namibia.

Sukume Consulting is the only economic development consultancy that uses UBUNTU/ BOTHO as a foundation for development planning, implementation, and brand positioning. We designed the Competitiveness & Transformation Planner™ (CTP) model, an IDENTITY-based approach as a tool specifically for building world-class African economies, businesses, and brands in ways that guarantee social and economic transformation among local communities.

Good Relationships

The nature of our work allows us to enjoy access to African entrepreneurs, large corporations and governments alike. We use these networks to add value to and benefit our clients and partners.


We are as comfortable dealing with large multi-national corporations, international organisations and Governments as we are with SMEs and NGOs. We criss-cross smoothly between the emerged and emerging world - having experience with both. We travel extensively and work from Johannesburg, South Africa as well as client locations as is necessary. All this allows us the ability to transfer learnings and best practices from a variety of sources and experiences.

Business Forums

We have experience planning and co/hosting high-level pan-African trade, investment and leadership conferences.

Solid Experience

Our leadership team combines over 40 years’ experience in the areas of Entrepreneurship/ SME Development, Trade, Investment, Branding and Communications. Moreover, as entrepreneurs ourselves, our team adds an innovative flair with leading-edge thinking to the solutions they bring to our clients and partners.

Africa Passion & Knowledge

We believe in Africa. The cradle of humanity and the founders of the first civilisations, Africans are rising once again to inspire the world in different ways. We are excited to be Africans and part of the rising generation that is working to transform African communities.

We understand Africa. We have worked across Africa’s diverse markets from the least developed nations like Ethiopia and Lesotho to the upper-middle income economies of South Africa and Botswana.

We have had to deal with the distinctions and contradictions between African cultures. Our gifted team combines deep roots in various African backgrounds combined with the requisite international experience/ exposure. This provides our clients and partners with a rich diversity of relevant insights and perspectives in providing solutions.

Implementation Power

While sound strategy is critical, it is the effective and timely Implementation that separates the players from the winners. We create innovative project implementation plans for our clients. We get involved to manage those plans to ensure accurate adherence to intended strategy outcomes.

Passion for our work

We love what we do and we do what we love. Our drive spills over into the sometimes unorthodox but effective ways to solve our clients’ and partners’ challenges.

African Female Empowered

We are proud to be a 100% black, female-owned, managed and led business.

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We’re a team of seasoned strategists with diverse backgrounds, providing a rich tapestry of perspective for a holistic approach to project delivery. Our collective expertise enables us to offer comprehensive solutions, leveraging varied experiences to address the multifaceted challenges of strategy development, implementation, and project management with finesse and effectiveness.