Public Speaking

We engage in public speaking, delivering speeches, talks, and presentations, influencing and informing audiences at various events.

Public Speaking is important for conveying ideas, sharing information, influencing and persuading people as well as networking and relationship building. Our in-depth expertise on place/nation branding, entrepreneurship development and intra-African trade has led some of our team members to become sought-after public speakers about these topics.

Presentations provide an opportunity for audience engagement and participation. The best presentations make creative use of visuals, audio, verbal, and body language communication to effectively connect with their audiences, ensuring the message is understood and retained.

We give thoughtful and creative presentations on various topics related to our field of expertise. We also help SMEs to compile presentations for business pitching so that they can attract sponsors and investors.

Lectures are an effective way of transmitting knowledge from experts. It allows for the direct sharing of information, concepts, and theories in a structured manner.

Our gifted team combines deep roots in various African backgrounds with first-rate international experience and exposure. This provides our audiences with rich and more diverse insights and expertise to share on matters relating to Africa’s social and economic landscape.

Interviews help audiences gain insights and knowledge from experts or experienced people in their field of interest. They help build audience knowledge, open up opportunities for networking and establish connections with potential clients, partners, collaborators, or employees.

We do radio, podcast and television interviews on topics related to economic development in Africa. We also attract channels to talk about issues that affect entrepreneurs, place/ nation brands and intra-African trade.

Consultants have specialized knowledge and expertise in specific industries. They bring a fresh perspective, best practices, and up-to-date knowledge to help businesses solve complex problems, make informed decisions, and improve their performance. Consulting assists businesses in developing long-term strategies, setting goals, and creating actionable plans to achieve them.

We are recognized experts in SME Development, Place/ Nation Branding, and Intra-African Trade wherein we advise high-ranking leaders and organizations in the private, public and non-profit sectors.

Facilitation promotes effective communication and collaboration among individuals and groups.

The nature of our work allows us to enjoy access to African entrepreneurs, large corporations, and governments alike. We facilitate meetings, business forums, connect leadership teams, and add more value to the working relationships of our clients’ stakeholders and partners.


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