SME Development

We develop and implement projects and strategies that support the growth and competitiveness of small businesses.

In general, SMEs play a key role in local, national and global economies. In South Africa, they account for about 34% of GDP. Besides being a vital force for reducing unemployment, they are instruments for adding value, bringing innovation and ultimately contributing to more inclusive growth. We capacitate and equip SMEs to achieve global competitiveness and local transformation. Our market access platforms promote Made-by-African SME brands. We build awareness and facilitate trade and investment for African SMEs. We also aim to help SMEs to scale through doing business with corporates and governments as well as with their African and global counterparts. The overall aim is to foster shared economic growth and empowerment for local communities.

The main role of capacity building is to enable growth, adaptability, and positive change across various domains of an organization. Capacity building contributes to building more resilient, informed, and capable SMEs, entrepreneurs and organizations.

Throughout the entire process, we communicate, engage, and collaborate. Engaging participants, involving stakeholders, and maintaining open dialogue all contribute to the success of capacity building initiatives. Additionally, we employ flexibility and adaptability as the needs and contexts may evolve over time, requiring adjustments to each of our capacity building projects or initiatives.

Business coaching holds significant importance for SMEs seeking to achieve their goals, enhance performance, and overcome challenges.

Our approach to business coaching is collaborative, allowing entrepreneurs to actively participate in addressing their issues and opportunities. We often offer challenging advice that is designed to push the entrepreneur to go beyond conventional solutions. The process is adaptable and can be customized to suit the specific needs, goals, and preferences of the entrepreneurs and their businesses. Our tools and networks combine with a supportive environment to ensure that SMEs learn, develop, and move to the next level in their businesses.

Branding and marketing are two essential components of a successful business strategy.They play a crucial role in shaping how a company is perceived by its target audience and in driving its overall success. They work hand in hand to establish a strong presence in the market, create brand loyalty, and drive business success.

Our branding experts design branding and marketing strategies and implementation plans based on the unique strengths of a client’s brand. These positioning strategies help businesses define their value propositions, connect with their audience, communicate their value promise, and achieve their goals in a dynamic and competitive environment.

Trade missions offer opportunities for SMEs to explore new markets, establish connections, and gather valuable insights for strategic decision-making.

We take SMEs on trade missions to other nations to find opportunities to export their products and/ or find investment for them. Our missions involve careful planning, effective communication, cultural sensitivity, and a clear focus on achieving specific objectives. We collaborate with government entities, business leaders, and industry representatives for maximizing the benefits of trade missions for our entrepreneurs.

These refer to online marketplaces that connect buyers and sellers, facilitating the transaction of goods and services. The platforms typically provide a range of services such as product listings, payment processing, customer reviews, and seller ratings.

Our platforms promote Made-by-African SME brands through building their awareness as well as facilitating and providing a broader buyer base for them to grow their brand awareness, footprint and much-needed sales.

Trade and investment facilitation plays a vital role in enhancing international trade, boosting foreign exchange earnings and promoting economic growth.

We facilitates trade and investment between African SMEs and pan-African corporations, governments, and their global counterparts in ways that foster shared economic growth and empowerment for local communities.


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