Business Development



Project Type

Business coaching, Business Development Services (BDS)


SME/Entrepreneurship Development


4 years running


  • Help to select deserving entrepreneurs to win a share of R1 million cash.
  • Provide business coaching/business development services (BDS) for wining SMEs to address key constraints/take advantage of key opportunities and ultimately, to build their capacity and grow.

The Approach

We design the project proposal and implementation plan to provide business coaching/BDS to entrepreneurs and are involved in the selection process to identify the winning SMEs.

A Needs Analysis is conducted to gauge the most pressing challenges and the biggest opportunities for the SME businesses to address. Insights from the Needs Analysis, one-on-one interviews, site visits, business area immersions, etc. help to design a more customised approach to each BDS program.

The delivery of business coaching to SMEs is done as an iterative process where entrepreneurs work with us to identify impact areas for the intervention, conduct research, develop and deliver content to address their selected impact areas be it operations, finance, marketing, etc. We guide the SMEs through providing clear assignment briefs, tools, and strategic advice in addressing the impact areas. Where necessary, we co-ordinate the involvement of other technical area experts to provide relevant inputs into the BDS program. We use the process to also train and develop young BDS/Business coaching consultant experts for future interventions.

The Outcome

The business coaching interventions serve to help entrepreneurs gain the appropriate mindset, exposure and experience to identify, prioritise and solve their own problems and/ or take advantage of relevant market opportunities. Sukume’s approach ultimately empowers SME founders with life-long skills to shift their businesses closer to scaling and growth.