Corporate Strategy


Wakanda Food Accelerator

Project Type

Business establishment, Capacity building


SME/Entrepreneurship Development


2 years


  • Assist to establish Wakanda including setting up the company’s operating processes and systems.
  • Develop and manage the implementation of a 3-year corporate strategy and annual business plans.
  • Hire, manage and train staff.
  • Initiate and manage key projects.

The Approach

The work began by an immersion into the daily operations of the newly-established business to understand its functioning. Once the operational context was better understood, networks were reached to capacitate the organization firstly with human resources. Thereafter, in-depth research was conducted at a global, regional (Africa) and local (South Africa) level as inputs to develop the corporate strategy. Then annual business planning and management occurred to ensure the implementation as well as the periodic evaluation of Wakanda’s strategy.

Clear systems and processes were developed and implemented and as the organization grew, more staff and managers were hired, trained and capacitated.

The Outcome

Sukume brought operational order, greater efficiency and strategic depth and direction to the founding of Wakanda. Our first-rate corporate expertise, functional excellence, and high levels of commitment helped the company to achieve its business goals and served to prepare it for rapid growth.