Brand Strategy


Botswana Investment and Trade Centre/Brand Botswana

Project Type

Strategy Development


Place/Nation Branding


12 months


  • Develop a 5-year brand strategy for Brand Botswana.

The Approach

We reviewed key national policy, strategy and brand documents for a thorough appreciation of Botswana’s situational context. Insights from existing global and regional competitiveness indices and studies as well as local client research were extracted. We then interviewed key Botswana Trade and Investment Centre(BITC)/ Brand Botswana leaders, stakeholders and staff to gauge their inputs and garner their support for the project. We conducted key strategic analyses to determine Botswana’s competitive strengths and gaps upon which to base the strategy. We thereafter developed the strategy using Sukume’s Competitiveness and Transformation Planner™ (CTP) model to align the country’s national planning and nation branding efforts. We provided regular reports and conducted workshops to maintain stakeholder updates and support. We concluded by supplying a revised organization structure, a detailed implementation plan, and pro-forma budget for delivering the strategy.

The Outcome

We achieved two firsts in Brand Botswana’s history. One is a nation brand strategy that was developed in close collaboration with the country’s key stakeholders. This met the crucial goal of a unified national stakeholder partnership for effective and more impactful implementation. Two is that the CTP approach ensures closer alignment between the national planning and nation branding – a critical factor for effective country competitiveness and transformation. The latter facilitates ease of national brand and reputation management.