Management Framework


Lesotho National Development Corporation

Project Type

Strategy Development


Place/Nation Branding


6 months


  • Develop the original brand strategy and management framework for the to-be-defined Lesotho Brand.
  • Conduct a benchmark costing exercise as an input into the budget for implementing the strategy.

The Approach

We reviewed key strategic national documents and conducted online research to understand the global and regional context for Lesotho. Thereafter, we undertook consultations with key national stakeholders to determine the core elements of the national brand including the country’s brand positioning, unique value propositions, and brand concept.

We provided a review of the general context and dynamics of nation branding entities (NBEs) and identified best practice performers and their processes. We also investigated general insights from established NBEs, advertising and communication agencies in South Africa, Lesotho, and Botswana. We then provided detailed structure and cost estimates for the establishment of an entirely new nation branding organization for Lesotho.

The work was concluded with a detailed timing schedule to guide the implementation of the strategy.

The Outcome

A robust new nation brand strategy for Lesotho plus a framework to manage the delivery of the work. The strategy and framework were informed by relevant and up-to-date nation branding sector insights to avoid costly mistakes and optimise market entry. The benchmark information compiled gave Lesotho vital ‘institutional knowledge’ that may otherwise have taken years to acquire.