Resource Mobilisation


African Union Commission

Project Type

Resource Mobilisation


Economic development


2 years


  • Implement the African Union (AU) Resource Mobilisation Strategy: Private Sector Engagement.
  • The aim was to mobilise resources from Africa’s private sector to fund AUC programmes.

The Approach

We prepared the concept note and road map clearly articulating how the assignment would be undertaken in line with the deliverables given. We identified and segmented the target private sector companies (i.e., African multinationals and international corporates that operate in Africa) and produced a potential list of corporate partners for the AUC to target.

We undertook research to understand and categorise the types of initiatives large companies support with their Corporate Social Responsibility funds. We then engaged AU departments to solicit data on on-going programmes/ initiatives by the AUC on the key sectors (e.g., education, health, agriculture, etc.) that required funding. Consultations/ initial engagements with selected corporations were conducted to determine what their interest would be in partnering with the AU plus their decision-making processes.

We developed value propositions for targeted strategic partnership with the private sector players for future engagements. Validation sessions were conducted to gauge AU stakeholder feedback and garner project support. We prepared full reports and proposed practical steps on how the AUC would engage with the private sector going forward.

The Outcome

An insight-rich practical guideline for the AU to engage Africa’s private sector for strategic funding. Sukume’s approach created mutual value business-to-organisation partnerships proposals versus the charity requests of the past . This not only made it easier for the AU to engage the private sector but also greatly increased their chances of success and sustainability.